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ISRSE-39 Postponed to 2022

ICORSE and VAST/VNSC officially announce that due to the corona virus crisis, the ISRSE-39 Conference, due to be held in Hanoi 18-22nd October 2021 has been postponed. It is the desire of VAST/VNSC and ICORSE that the conference will be rescheduled to 2022, at the same venue, the National Convention Centre, Hanoi, Vietnam. Final dates are being determined.
The Organizers are aware that this decision has many consequences, but the very real health risks and the capacity to travel to the conference, and the restrictions in place in Vietnam at this time and the foreseeable future, did not leave us with any other alternative. We also recognise that even with the imminent launch of several vaccines that the time to be able to vaccinate adequately (on a global basis and on a local level) will detract many from being able to make adequate travel and participation commitments.
All preparations for next year’s Conference will be carried forward to 2022. The ISRSE-39 web site will be updated shortly to reflect these changes.
Sponsors and exhibitors are also encouraged to maintain their involvement in the Hanoi Conference even though it is postponed by at least half a year. The involvement of Space Agencies, companies and the science and user communities in the activities of ISRSE is indeed welcomed and essential.
We are diligently working on developing the details of this transition and the ISRSE-39 Programme Committee is requested to maintain their commitment and continued engagement to the rescheduling process.
ICORSE and VAST/VNSC are working to develop a series of on-line Workshops during 2021, as an interim measure during the lead-up to ISRSE-39. A list of these workshops and the organisers will be forthcoming in the early part of 2021.
We wish you a safe end of year, and active collaboration as we move forward during 2021 with the Interim Workshops.
With best wishes and hoping to see you in Hanoi in 2022.